Vintertec Offshore Ltd Oy is the leading expert agency in alpine technology, engineering and planning in Finland and Scandinavia. The company works worldwide, providing rope line calculations, planning of ski resorts and slopes and complete ski areas on a turnkey basis. Vintertec Offshore Ltd manufactures Vintertec ski lifts, snowmaking systems, Zip tracks, fishing and yacht harbor constructions and special steel constructions.

The company installs manufactured constructions on a turnkey basis or provides consultations and supervision to the customers on a demand basis in Russian, including all calculations and documentations.

Vintertec Offshore Ltd has manufactured more than 200 ski lifts and some 100 snowmaking systems since 1983 for more than 150 ski resorts. The company has planned and built complete ski resorts including slopes, lifts, buildings and all infrastructures in Finland and abroad.

The most outstanding resorts in North Finland where Vintertec is principally involved in the planning and engineering work is Ylläs Ski – 12 ski lifts, 2 MW snowmaking system, illumination and more than 50 planned slopes. Salla – ski lifts, snowmaking, artificial illumination, slopes, Luosto – ski lifts, slopes, snowmaking , illumination and Saariselkä, triple chair lift and slopes. Additional resorts deserving to be mentioned in North Finland are: Pyhätunturi slopes and lifts, Pallas slopes and lifts, Olos slopes, lifts, snowmaking, Posio, Taivalkoski, Pello and Hetta ski resorts.

On the Swedish Lapponian side close to the border we have planned Swanstein slopes, Pajala ski lifts. In south Finland Vintertec Offshore Ltd have planned and built several successful ski resorts on key basis. The most outstanding resorts are Vihti Ski, Serena, Meri-Teijo and Kauniainen. Ski lifts and snowmaking systems as well as engineering works has been done in more than 150 resorts.

In the Murmansk region Vintertec Offshore has planned North Star slopes and lift line calculations and this season Ogni Murmansk 2012 ski lift including delivery and supervising of the mechanical and electric installations. Vintertec has been making planning works and supplying spare parts for Kirovsk town ski resorts stating in the mid 80 th:s and a demanding Tacis project of Kirovsk – Apatiti area.

Vintertec Offshore Ltd has for the season 2012 planned and supplied the lifts, snowmaking and engineering planning for a new successful ski resort Tuhatmägi, Kivioli Estonia.

In Sweden Idre Himmelfjäll is a long lasting planning work continuing including 30 long slopes, 15 ski lifts, snowmaking and other infra.

Ski lifts where supplied to Ruka, Vihti in Finland, Munamägi Estonia and Ogni Murmansk. More than 35 snow guns and 5 pump stations 50 km of snowmaking pipes where supplied for the season.

VINTERTEC OFFSHORE LTD OY – full service winter technology

Civil engineering work – architectural planning – rope line calculations – complex strength calculations. Consultation and supervision.

Manufacturing and supplying:

Planning and construction of complete recreational ski resorts, service, repair, spare parts and special engineering work including electric installation, planning and support.

Vintertec ski lifts:

T- bar, long platter, telescope ski lifts, 1 – 4 chair fixed grip chairlifts. 3 – 6 pers. detachable chairlifts, special lifts, magic carpets.

Second hand ski lifts:

Supplying, planning, renovation, modernization, rope line calculations, strength calculations, erecting and installations, supervising, support (in Russian language by Russian speaking experts)

Ski lift spare parts:

Rope sheaves, rubbers, grips, arms, steel ropes for Vintertec, Doppelmayer, Städeli, Poma, Garaventa, LST ski lifts.

Spring boxes:

Spring boxes for all ski lifts LST 260 Turbo, LST 200 Magnetic platter, Vintertec Dolomite Turbo

Electric drives – Security systems

ABB – Vintertec ACS Bolt on security systems for all ski lifts and chairlifts ABB – Vintertec ACS 800 Ski Tow variable speed drives for all ski lift and chairlift brands, frequency converter including double ACS processors. security system cabinet (more than 100 delivered)


Steel carpentry, special spare parts using 5 axis machining straight from Caddrawings.

Ski lift and chairlift ropes for all installations

Planning of slopes, ski lift lines, rope line calculations, all documentation (in Russian language)

Security analysis, security reports for ski lifts and ski resorts


Complete installations, pipelines, pump station, hydrants, snow guns, automation, mobile pump station, mobile snow guns, tower guns


We hope to make successful cooperation with you and your company


Chief Eng. CEO Olof Rytövaara

+358 400 441 778



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